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Hood River, OR

"Hiring Kiera to come into the office has been the single best thing I've done for my practice. As a newer practice owner, I had all sorts of ideas of how to run the practice better but Kiera was the missing piece to put it all together for us.  In just 2 days she had me going from an average day of $4100 to almost $6500 a day in production.  Before she left, we even had a $11000 day scheduled for the following week, it was unreal!  She trained every department as well as answered the phones, scheduled patients, presented treatment plans, and even assisted for me when we were too swamped. She was able to change the culture of our office in just 2 days with so much positivity I was blown away. I still am not sure how she did all of this in such a short amount of time, and now my work days seem like a challenge instead of a chore.  I immediately scheduled her to come back in three months!"


Midwestern University Faculty Endorsement

Phoenix, AZ



"I knew from the day that Kiera was hired at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine that we had struck gold:  she is driven, has a mind for organization, possesses amazing people skills and keeps the brightest outlook imaginable, everyday. I always told her that I’d hire her personally if I ever returned to private practice! I endorse Kiera 110%."


Dental Student Consulting

Phoenix, AZ


Dental Student

"My wife and I had the pleasure of having an initial consultation with Kiera, to which we were extremely impressed. Kiera thinks outside of the box and is full of energy. She is a wealth of knowledge and is not afraid of hard work. As a new dental grad my knowledge is limited in how an office should be run, however with the help and guidance of Kiera I feel confident in my ability to start a practice. We look forward to working with her further." 

" I am so pleased to tell the world how amazing my dental consultant Tiffanie is.  She is warm, confident and so assertive.  We have achieved a 35% grow in our hygiene department in the last 3 months. We implemented a very efficient and effective morning huddle that completed change our same day treatment results. 

 We are growing beyond our expectations but without chaos. 


Most important, she has helped me to become a better leader and my team loves her guidance.
Thank you Tiffanie for everything you do. "

Office Consulting







Recruiting Front Office

Westminister, CO

"I had the pleasure of working with Kiera for the past month.  I was in a staffing crisis when I learned my front desk team member was leaving within a few weeks.  Kiera was very calming and positive that we would find someone quickly.  I had my doubts but she did it.  She found a perfect fit!  She was not only professional but her excellent people skills and positive attitude made the hiring process bearable.  She is not only good at what she does but supportive along the way.  I am so thankful to her for helping me through a very stressful time."


Recruiting Office Team

Dallas, TX



"I’d like to offer my highest recommendation to Kiera Dent.  My wife and I were struggling to find top-notch team members to grow our dental practice.  We found recruiting high level employees took much more time than we had available.  Kiera was able to seek out, screen/interview potential team members allowing us to focus on our business. Ultimately, Kiera helped us hire the best front office, RDA and RDH’s we have ever employed yet.  We feel Kiera is part of our rapidly growing team and look forward to our on-going growth."


Office Consulting

"If you feel like you've been beating your head against the wall trying to make your office more streamlined, organized, and SUCCESSFUL, but you just aren't sure what you need to change, Kiera will shorten that learning curve and get you exactly what you want. Her background and knowledge is unlike any other consultant I've met. Having managed and owned several extremely successful dental offices, her knowledge of systems and leadership in a dental office is unmatched.


After just a few hours at our office, she was able to identify solutions to problems we had been having for years, along with problems we didn't even know existed. In a matter of weeks, we were able to implement systems that revolutionized our office - which, by the way, has 5 doctors and 17 ops! Our work environment has never felt so organized, and the culture has never been so awesome.

Not only is Kiera incredibly respected by the most successful dentists I've know, but also, she is kind, down-to-earth, and has a knack for connecting with the team instantly. Our team respects the heck out of her, and having her shorten our learning curve to massive success has been one of the best decisions we've ever made!"




Office Consulting

"I have owned my practice for 1.5 years and engaged Kiera and her team after the first few Months. Kiera and company were definitely the spark that turned into explosive growth for me. We are up 145% since last year and have turned a sleepy old outdated office into a state of the multimillion dollar practice. Kiera was instrumental in helping me get my staff trained so I could delegate. They came into my office and identified areas that we needed to work on most and tailored a plan to my specific needs. Bottom line is I couldn’t imagine owning a practice without Kiera in my corner"




Office Consulting

"Kiera is unlike any other consultant.  Her philosophy plays to the strengths of your team members and brings out their best!  She implemented small, practical changes in my practice and grew it by 20% in just three short months!  I am so incredibly grateful for her and can attribute most, if not all, of my recent success to her and her team.  I can't wait to have her back again!"


Office Consulting


Office Manager

"Kiera brings a sense of humor and energy to the office every time she visits! Her smile is infectious and she makes everyone feel that she is there just for them. She is responsive and positive in all communication. She always gives suggestions for improvements in different areas every time she is here. We implement them all and give them a “trial run” for at least two weeks to see if they will work for our practice or not. There are more that work than don’t. Always give her suggestions that trial run. Even the most outrageous suggestions have merit and may bring about that change that you need to make a huge impact in your practice!"




Office Consulting

"I had Kiera come out for some nontraditional consulting. Many offices want to increase production or improve collections; they want to do more of a certain procedure or become more efficient. I feel I've got a pretty good handle on some of those bigger business ideas, but what I needed was someone to work on some soft skills for my office. We'd been on a good trajectory financially, but I felt we weren't a cohesive, caring team.


We were mostly kind and compassionate, but sometimes we were just going through the motions and I felt patients could sense that. I want to build a strong, vibrant office culture, and I needed an outside voice to put the plan in action. If you're looking for someone with energy and positivity, Kiera is definitely it! She was fantastic at identifying pain points in the office and implementing simple solutions that made a world of difference. We are better communicators, and we focus on each other's positive attributes. Reinforcing good habits and being encouraging leads to so many good things, and now that we are establishing this solid foundation, the sky is the limit! Thanks, Kiera!"

Coaching Calls


Office Manager

"I have worked in a dental office for 25 years as an assistant, floater and now office manager.  When my Dr. Cummings came to me and said I hired a coach to help, with systems and protocols, I was very skeptical. Thinking what could I possible learn after 25 years.  Well I have to say a lot.


Kiera has made me accountable not only to myself but most importantly to the growth of our dental practice.  She is a terrific mentor, listens, is easy to talk to, has great ideas and lots of experience. If you are willing to work hard, and keep an open mind and even with the little changes she can help you with make such a huge difference in your day.  Listen to her podcast and see for yourself , how motivating she is.  Then you will understand how Kiera can make a big difference in having a happy staff, with a positive flowing business.


I am so pleased that Dr. Cummings listened to her podcast and heard how knowledgeable she is. It made a huge change in helping me to see my growth as an office manger and learn to lead my team so everyone wants to be a part of our office. 

Thank you Kiera!"



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