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About Kiera's Dental Consulting
About Kiera's Dental Consulting
 Kiera's Dental Consulting was created out of a passion for inspiring others and as a unique ability to provide valuable human and managerial resources that allow dentists, and their offices, to reach an optimum potential beyond their dreams.

With over 35 years of combined experience in the dental field, our Experienced Consultants know the ins and outs of every position and will be the ones to move you forward!
We work with:
  • Dental students wondering if the route of associateship, corporate, residency, or owner doctor is the right choice
  • Associates wanting to maximize experience at their current location to reach desired goals
  • Owner doctors wanting to improve and grow their current practice, start-up or wanting to buy another practice!
Kiera's Dental Consulting is what you need to take YOU to the next level.    




According to Justin Schmidt, D.D.S. in Hood River, OR he states "Hiring Kiera to come into the office has been the single best thing I've done for my practice. In just 2 days she had me going from an average day of $4,100 to almost $6,500 a day in production.  Before she left, we even had a $11,000 day scheduled for the following week, it was unreal!"

Increased Production
Practice growth
Increased team effectiveness

one-on-one coaching calls

Monthly coaching calls to give you the accountability, direction, and support to become an A-Team in your field!

Dental A-Team Podcast

The Dental A-Team Podcast with

Kiera Dent + Dr. Mark Costes.

Online Team Training

Training your team to function efficiently, book marketed calls, and understand how they are part of your office growth is essential.

In-Office Dental Consulting

We have a passion for working with front and back office team members to help them gain skills, confidence and efficiency in the work they do.


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